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I'm Norma--author, blogger, geezer, big fan of superhero movies, pro wrestling and Minions. In a word, quirky. I've published sixteen novels--fourteen through major publishers, two via indie publishing, one in collaboration with my son, Collin, nine available as ebooks.

Collin didn't start out to be a novelist. I think it was the last thing he'd considered as a career. He got roped into helping me with research, and one thing led to another. He's still got other plans, but he likes to keep his options open.

We originally planned to do this as a serial, with weekly or even daily posts. Book sales aren't what they used to be, and since I do the actual writing (Collin and I develop the stories together and he does the technical stuff) and have never been able to write from page one to "The End," it became apparent early on that this was not going to work. So...we're back to trying to produce actual novels. Will it work? Time will tell, I guess. In the meantime, we'll be introducing you too our characters and sharing scenes, backstory, etc.

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