For those of you who follow our other blogs or have read Chasing the Wind, a lot of what will be posted here is going to look familiar.

When we started the first draft of Chasing the Wind back in 1998, it was a very different story than what was first published in 2008 and reissued by Creativia Publishing in 2014. The principal male character, Connor Mackenzie, didn't enter the picture until the third or fourth draft. It was a long road from idea to published book--a long, difficult road. Traditional publishers wanted changes we weren't willing to make. I'd been down that road before and had no desire to repeat past mistakes. I didn't want to self-publish it at first, but once done, I had no regrets at all. Before signing with Creativia, we had contemplated it as the first book of a trilogy, then the first book of a series. The Alex Stewart character was part of some of the early drafts--but the book was too long, so we cut a large amount of material, and decided Alex's story would be the focus of An Army of Angels.  We switched from third person point of view to multiple third person POV. Along the way, we came to realize that the story we wanted to tell could not be told in book form. It would have worked as a TV series, maybe--but neither of us had a clue as to how to make it work.

Still, we wanted to tell our story. All of it.

Blogging it was the logical choice. But again, there was a choice to make. Daily posts or weekly posts?  As my blogger friends can testify, I often get behind on blog reading and commenting. I also get behind on posting over at The Three Rs, so...maybe the way to go is, instead of daily posts of a scene or two, the better option would be episodes, like a TV series, posted weekly. We'll see how that goes.

We also decided to bring back characters from some of my past novels--Jaime Lynde from The Unicorn's Daughter (previously published by Berkley Publishing as A Time for Legends, a title I've never really been able to understand), Collin and Ashley from Angels at Midnight (also published previously by Berkley) and Alexander Kiriakis from Alexander's Empire (previously published by Berkley as Dance of the Gods) and his three children. I've changed a great deal in the years since those books were written, so it seems logical that my characters would have changed as well. Text from Chasing the Wind, with some changes, will also appear.

The best part? No self-marketing! No driving people away by begging them to buy or books. Freedom to do other things with our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Writing for the joy of it. It won't make any money as a blog, but that's okay.

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